\′jäg•əl ′jöint \, n.
Joggle joint
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Joggle joint \′jäg•əl ′jöint \, n.

Masons’ terms for joining two stones in such a way as to prevent them from slipping or sliding, by means of a notch in one and a corresponding projection in the other.

As a joggle joint creates strength by unifying individual stones, Robert (Bob) Schneckenberg and Marvin Estrada united to create S & E Architects, Inc. in 2009 after utilizing their diverse talents under the umbrella of other architectural firms for over 20 years.  For 14 of those years, Bob and Marvin worked side by side developing a close, highly efficient and successful working relationship while playing a large part in the ongoing success of a large, multi-family residential design firm where their talent, work ethic and leadership propelled them to the position of partners.

S & E Architects, Inc., located in Miami, Florida, is comprised of extensive experience in all phases of multi-family, single-family, commercial, hospitality, governmental and educational projects and provides public and private sector clients with reliable guidance throughout the intricacies of planning, design and construction of their project.  We assist our clients in defining their goals and needs and work closely with them from the programming and conceptual stages through the development of the built form.  Committed to attending to the unique requirements of each project, our design approach treats each project individually with respect to the client’s vision, aesthetic concerns, project location and budget.  Functional and aesthetic issues are simultaneously resolved through research, innovation, design and redesign until the solution meets with our client’s practical, budgetary and visual objectives.

It is important at S & E Architects, Inc. that we offer the best solutions to our clients.  Therefore, we work to build alliances that combine strengths and talents.  Expert engineering consultants join the firm’s architecture team to provide interdisciplinary skills and a well-coordinated project from Schematic Design thru completion in order to maximize the project’s efficiency.

No matter the location or scope of a project or the client’s budgetary requirements, personal service and attention to detail are always at the forefront.  Communication is essential and the ability to listen and collaborate with the client is the key to the success of our projects

Florida Architect Business Number: AA26002332